Houghton Revisited App - virtual exhibition guide

Wide Eyed Vision is a publisher of high quality apps and digital content for galleries, museums, exhibitions, and heritage sites.

We record and digitally present art collections, exhibition tours and catalogues using photography, video, audio and text. We advise on how best to develop content and present digital information via multiple platforms to a variety of audiences and at all levels, from specialist to non specialist.

We can also help you:
  • Digitise physical objects and environments for AR, VR
  • Create archival databases of collections
  • Make digital assets available via the web, kiosks and high quality apps
  • Write and edit catalogues, guidebooks, information sheets and children's booklets
  • Advise on development and publication of content
  • Edit and record audio tours
  • Curate exhibitions
  • Sponsorship/fund-raising/grant applications

Our team has specialist expertise in digital media, publishing, software development, creating content for multiple audiences, developing inhouse teams, sponsorship, marketing and social media. We have experience working for national multi-site institutions as well as smaller museums and art galleries:

Our clients include:
- Strawberry Hill House - Masterpieces from Horace Walpole's Collection
- The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism - Saatchi Gallery
- Historic Royal Palaces
- The National Trust
- English Heritage
- Houghton Hall - Houghton Revisited
- Science & Human Dimension Project, Cambridge University
- Bletchley Park