Wide Eyed Vision

Houghton Revisited - a scene from the app

Wide Eyed Vision provides beautiful high quality digitisation services to museums, galleries and the heritage sector.

We develop interactive kiosks and virtual tours for museums and galleries, creating reliable, easy to use virtual exhibitions that can be implemented quickly. These can be presented via kiosks and as an app to provide digital guides for visitors to enhance their visit and as a reference before and after.

Wide Eyed Vision is one of the pioneers of digital panoramic photography. Over the last dozen years we have mastered technical and artistic issues relating to the creation of panoramic photographs. This has been honed with extensive experience of photographing gardens, landscapes and interiors, including galleries, museums and old houses. The panoramas have been used for virtual exhibitions and tours, for comprehensive detailed records of environments and simply for the pleasure of capturing and viewing complete landscapes. As well as a great expertise in the digitisation of spaces, Wide Eyed Vision has had long experience in the digitisation of artefacts.

Preservation of the digital assets created for museums and galleries is of vital importance and often overlooked. We ensure that all assets that make up our digital exhibits comply with the goals set out in the London Charter . This means that they will be available to be easily used with future technologies.