Experienced Apps / iOS developer

At Wide Eyed Vision we have 12 years experience of creating mobile apps and specialise in apps for iPhone and iPads, including running kiosks on iPads. More information about our app development is available at TudorJenkins.com

We produce apps across a number of disciplines that include:

- Exhibition guides
- Interactive kiosks
- Online Libraries
- Social networking
- Video sharing
- Interactive books for children

Wide Eyed Vision provides analysis and development to help you provide a mobile offering for your audience. What defines our apps is intelligent analysis and excellent, high quality finish.

Recent Projects:

The Rolling Stones - Exhibitionism apps
We were commissioned to create apps for two rooms in the highly successful Rolling Stones - Exhibitionism - world tour - One app allows visitors to mix the different stems from a selection of great songs. It is very engaging and received great reviews.
Another app allows visitors to navigate through an archive of short films with people talking about different parts of the studio recording experience. It is easy to use, engaging and visually exciting.

4 different Kiosks for Bletchley Park Hut 11
We were commissioned to create 4 apps showing in depth information to support the new Hut 11 exhibition. The apps needed to be beautifully presented with simple intuitive interactions and elegant animations. Bletchley Park Hut 11

Young Henry Exhibition
We have recently updated a kiosk that we created in 2007 at Hampton Court to support the Young Henry Exhibition. Using the original data that we created in 2007 and augmenting it with changes to the exhibition since then, we created a kiosk to run on an iPad pro. Young Henry at Hampton Court -

World Health Organisation Reproductive Health Library
We created both iOS and Android apps for the World Health Organisation to help remote practitioners across the world access it's Reproductive Health Library. The apps work well in remote locations away from any network on nearly all smartphones and tablets. The apps automatically update when the apps have access to a network. Settings allow control over how much network resources are used and what language any content should be in.
The initial app was just for iPhones but on account of its success we were asked to create versions for the other platforms

National Trust Guide
Tudor was the lead iOS developer for most of the development of the recently relaunched National Trust Handbook app. The app refreshes periodically to provide up to date handbook for each of the National Trust properties.

Houghton Revisited
One of our favourite apps Houghton Revisited - we're extremely proud of this very high quality virtual tour of an extraordinary fine art exhibition / installation that sees the temporary return of the Walpole Collection from the Hermitage Collection in St Petersburg and other great collections around the world.

The Houghton Revisited app is a triumph in providing a seamless experience of what it is like to wander through Houghton Hall. Content is optimised for all different iOS devices, providing the highest quality experience possible for the device it is being viewed on. Houghton Revisited app works equally well on iPads and on all iPhones.

Other Projects:

We are currently working with Weryoo, an innovative photo sharing company, helping them to develop the Weryoo app that allows users to share photos by time and place.

X is for Xray
For X is for Xray (which was App of the Week in the US Store) Tudor Jenkins worked with the talented team at TouchPress both in creating code and working on the producion.

Future Platforms
As well as the Telegraph App, we worked on a number of projects for Future Platforms including the Official Glastonbury App, Wembley App and Premiere League Away Games. Future Platforms loved working with Wide Eyed Vision.

iOS Development

We have great experience of iOS developement including the customisation of many components in UIKit, we have done innovative work with the Maps and lots of integration between our apps and network services. We also love to work with multimedia, such as films and panoramas.

Wide Eyed Vision is great at scoping out projects and can help you assess the viability of your ideas and costings.