Who, Why and What

Wide Eyed Vision was founded in 2007, born from a passion for photography, heritage preservation and technology. Wide Eyed Vision enables museums, galleries, heritage sites, and any locations with visual impact to easily record and digitally present real exhibitions and produce virtual exhibitions.

Wide Eyed Vision founder, Tudor Jenkins, has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and developed his initial experience for museum digitisation at the University of Brighton where he worked as a Research Fellow on an E.U. funded project (EPOCH) to consider many aspects of Digitisation applied to the Cultural Heritage sector but particularly how 3D models could be employed to convey detailed information about artefacts in a simple, intuitive and structured way.

With this background Wide Eyed Vision was commissioned to created a virtual tour and plant/ artefact database of the National Trust's Nymans Garden, a major NT destination.

This product allows users to see how the garden appears at all times of the year and provides an educational tool to help users investigate plants and artefacts in detail. The tour is available at the site visitor centre via kiosks.

Wide Eyed Vision has since undertaken a number of other projects including:

- a lottery funded oral history project
- interactive web sites
- an intuitive database for museum exhibits
- virtual tour of a major exhibition at Hampton Court

In each case emphasis has been on the quality of the media produced. A gallery puts a lot of resources into the presentation of its exhibits and this needs to be reflected in any multimedia versions of the content.

Wide Eyed Vision provides beautiful high quality digitisation and an easy to use tool for gallery curators to present digital interpretations of exhibitions.

Whether you wish to discuss ideas for a project or get a quotation for specific work that you require then please don't hesitate to contact us.

+44 (0)1273 930009