Wide Eyed Vision

Wide Eyed Vision is a publisher of high quality apps and digital content for galleries, museums, exhibitions, heritage sites, and gardens. Our current project is the creation of a publicly accessible database of gardens and the tools to allow everyone to contribute.

We record and digitally present art collections, exhibition tours and catalogues using photography, video, audio and text. We advise on how best to present digital information to a variety of audiences including the public, art historians, curators, collectors, patrons, schools, and social media.

We ensure to capture the narrative driving the exhibitions, weaving in rich links to all the artefacts.  These apps are not just simple virtual tours but engaging curated content that allow the exibitions to live beyond their physical space and duration. 

Our expertise also includes...

  • The digitisation of physical objects and environments for AR, VR

  • Writing and editing guides and catalogues

  • Curating exhibitions

    Fundraising & Sponsorship

  • Presenting digital assets through the web, kiosks and high quality apps

  • Editing and recording audio tours

  • Archival databases of collections 

    Digitisation of Gardens and Plants

Our Customers

Some of the organisations using our product
Rolling Stones
The Telegraph
National trust
Historic Royal Palaces

Featured app:  Strawberry Hill  

The Strawberry Hill House app allows the museum to host tours and guides of all its exhibitions, including a detailed virtual tour of the current “Lost Treasures of Horace Walpole” exhibition (2018-19). Roam from room to room, exploring the extraordinary interiors and artworks in exquisite detail. The app includes a children's Treasure Hunt and quiz as well as audio guide. Funded by the Arts Council, this free app is available to download via the link below.

“Loved this app. Beautiful quality, easy to follow. Using it at the exhibition enhanced the experience."

iPhone User, 5 stars

Featured app:  Houghton Revisited  

Houghton Revisited was a once in a lifetime installation exhibition of Sir Robert Walpole’s magnificent original art collection. When the exhibition was over it was critical for it to continue indefinitely in a digital form, ensuring that the skillful storytelling of the curation was respected. 

Wander from room to room through Houghton Hall and explore the magnificent art collection of Sir Robert Walpole, Great Britain's first Prime Minister.

Wonder at masterpieces by Van Dyck, Poussin, Rubens, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Maratta and Murillo, reassembled in their spectacular original setting for the first time in over 200 years after they were sold to Empress Catherine the Great to adorn the Hermitage in St Petersburg.

“One of the best apps ever produced
I am not kidding when I say this, this is one of the most beautiful apps ever created.

This is the only app that I've come across that makes one feel as if they are virtually there, experiencing a beautiful mansion and works of art.

The closest to traveling without having to actually be there.

Amazing that it's the only app of its kind out there, really"

iPhone User, 5 stars

Meet Our Team

Wide Eyed Vision was founded in 2007, born from a passion for photography, heritage preservation and technology. We take great pride in providing clients with excellent service and products to engage and delight their customers and audiences.

Dr Tudor Jenkins

Digital media specialist & software developer.

Dr Tudor Jenkins is the founder of Wide Eyed Vision. He is a specialist in software and technology for cultural projects and exhibitions. Tudor is currently devoloping the AllGardens garden archive/exploration app, and has worked on projects for Hampton Court, The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, the National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces, Bletchley Park, Houghton Revisited app and Strawberry Hill's Horace Walpole Masterpieces exhibition. Tudor holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and was a researcher in the Cognitive Science department at the University of Sussex and the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris. 

Johnny Cornwell

Partnerships & Strategy

Johnny is a producer of conferences and art exhibitions, and has a background in academic publishing and elearning. He co-organised The Majlis exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2021, incorporating a new garden, building and exhibition of artefacts, and curated an interdisciplinary symposium on the Biennale theme: How we will live together? He directs the Science & Human Dimension Project, a public understanding of science programme at Jesus College, Cambridge, and has worked on digital education projects in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and China. He led the fundraising and partnerships for Houghton Revisited which won Apollo Exhibition of the Year 2013, and is a graduate of UCL, Cambridge University, and Imperial College.

Bronwen Riley

Writer, lecturer and editor.

Bronwen Riley is a writer, publisher and heritage consultant. Until 2018 she was Head of Content at English Heritage where she established the guidebooks and curatorial digital teams. She developed the concept and content for the Story of England online and was on the creative team for the new English Heritage website. She has developed content across multiple platforms with curators, historic house owners, writers, marketing and brand specialists and development, communications, education and interpretation teams. She has a special interest in Romania and the classical world. She organises and leads cultural tours & events in Romania and the UK. Her latest book is Journey to Britannia: From the Heart of Rome to Hadrian's Wall.